Photo Cred:   Willie Blue (Link)

Photo Cred: Willie Blue (Link)

Jon Conner

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and currently residing in Houston, Texas.  I am a professional Director of Photography and editor.  Video and film is not just my job, but also my passion.  I live the creative process and visual storytelling.  

As an undergrad, my focus and expertise was audio production.  I reluctantly attended a video workshop on campus during freshman year; the next day I spent my savings on my first camera.  As the cliché goes...the rest was history.  From music videos to film, I put everything into studying the best, and becoming one of the best.  I give 100% to the craft and art of cinematography.  There is nothing else on earth I see myself doing.  My aspirations are to help bring your vision to life, and to create the most beautiful images possible.


BFA, Digital Media Production, International Academy of Design & Technology

MS, Entertainment Business, Full Sail University